March Day - September 18, 2021



  • Civilian categories are open to anyone.
  • Military categories are only open to military ID card holders or ROTC cadets. Eligible cardholders include active duty military, Reserves, National Guard, academy cadets and retirees. Dependents may not enter military categories unless they themselves also fall into one of the previously mentioned groups.


  • Participants MUST wear their complete service uniform and boots.
  • Non-standard t-shirts may be worn in place of the regulation t-shirts for teams that want to promote their organization.
  • Participants MUST be in full uniform during the opening ceremony at the start of the march and at the finish line. Only uniform tops and headgear may be removed along the route as desired; BUT MUST BE CARRIED. Boots may not be exchanged for any other footgear along the route.
  • Footwear is limited to military service recognized boots.
  • Anyone caught violating any rules will be disqualified.


  • Participants registered in any civilian division may wear any footwear or attire, except any portion of a recognized military uniform.
  • Individual components of military type clothing, i.e. BDU trousers, military boots, military headgear, etc. may not be worn.
  • Teams representing organizations such as police or fire units may wear uniforms. Uniform fabric should be appropriate for a 26.2 mile march through the mountain terrain. Distinctive unit t-shirts are encouraged in lieu of uniforms.
  • We highly recommend each participant carry at least one quart of water along the route at all times! Water stops can be as far as six miles apart.

Teams will consist of five members. All members should stay together during the entire course. Any team finishing with less than five members will be disqualified. We want to emphasize the team concept and keep teams together. Team time is established when last team member crosses finish line.

Heavy Division

  • All participants will wear footwear.
  • Marchers in the heavy division must have a minimum of 35 pounds in their rucksacks/backpacks, which will be weighed and verified at the finish line.
  • The frame of the ruck/backpack count towards the 35 pound limit.
  • Alice Style, Blackhawk and Molle packs are authorized.
  • Weighted Vests are not allowed in any category.
  • The 35 pounds cannot include rocks, sandbags (unless securely taped shut), logs, water or other items which could be picked up along the route.
  • Marchers with less than 35 pounds will be disqualified from the competition.
  • Timing chips must be attached to marcher and must be visible or risk disqualification. The timing chip each marcher receives during in-processing is theirs to keep. It does not have to be returned at the end of the march.


  • No pets are allowed on the route.
  • CD players, boom boxes, etc. are allowed only if headphones are used.
  • Participants must complete the course by 6:00 p.m.
  • Good sportsmanship is expected at all times!