March Day - September 18, 2021


5 Person Team Relay:

Categories Male, Female, COED

Each runner will run one leg of the event. Each team to provide transportation throughout the race and provide a way to carry the timing chip, i.e. plastic baton , guideon, pouch, etc. The start is at the Rochford Trailhead at 8 am.

-Runner 1 – Start to Rest Stop 1 (Approx. 6.11 mi) Rochford Trailhead
-Runner 2 – RS 1 to RS 3 (Approx. 5.99 mi) (runner will run through Rest Stop 2 at the Dumont Trailhead)(RS 3 is located on the trail between Dumont and Englewood Trailheads)
-Runner 3 – RS 3 to RS 4 (Approx. 4.03 mi)(RS 4 is located at Englewood Trailhead)
-Runner 4 – RS 4 to RS 5 (Approx. 4.92 mi)(RS 5 is located at Kirk Trailhead)
-Runner 5 – RS 5 to Finish (Approx. 5.15 mi)(Finish line Deadwood Fairgrounds)

The first two runners will be running primarily uphill and they also have the longest two legs. As far as transportation, it works best to have everyone shuttle their team throughout the race. This allows each team to stop along the route to cheer team members on as while driving to the next rest stop.

Driving distances, drive times between transfer points and grid locations for each relay transfer point. It is a good idea to scout out the transfer points before the event.

Start – RS1 (5 mi. or 9 min)
RS1 – RS3 (6 mi. or 9 min)
RS3 – RS4 (4.3 mi or 7 min)
RS4 – RS5 (6.2 mi or 12 min)
RS5 – Finish (5.2 mi or 16 min)