March Day - September 18, 2021


  • Are Hi Tech® boots allowed?
    A.  Yes.  They are encouraged to help prevent foot injuries.
  • Do I have to wear a uniform if I’m entering a military category?
    A.  Yes, participants in military categories must be in a complete military uniform at the start and at the finish.
  • Are desert BDUs authorized on the march?
    A.  Yes.  Official issue desert style BDUs are authorized, and encouraged, to help prevent heat injuries.
  • What categories may I enter?
    A.  Civilians may participate in the civilian categories.  Valid military ID card holders may participate in their appropriate military categories.
  • Is water available along the route?
    A.  Yes, there are water points along the 26.2-mile route.  All participants should be prepared to carry enough fluids to survive seven miles.  Seven miles is the greatest distance between two rest stops.
  • Can I get first aid supplies from march medics before the march?
    A.  No.  First aid (and necessary supplies) are not available at the start and may not be at every rest area.
  • Can spectators go out on the route to watch?
    A.  Because of the rugged nature of the course, we request spectators refrain from venturing out on the actual course. The safest and most comfortable place for spectators is at the finish line or at a rest area or trail head.